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RaiderZ - Boss Guides
DragonForgeWebMasterDate: Friday, 2012/11/23, 21:24 | Message # 1
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Goblin Golem

- Focus on hitting the crystal till it breaks (hard and fast).

- Dodge his attacks.

Master of the Garden

- Focus on hitting the tail till it breaks (hard and fast).

- Melee should stay behind him, careful with ground spikes and tail whip.


- Hit him when he walks slowly (melee hitters behind him).

- When he makes a fire explosion, it's better to run from him (you can also block).

- When he walks fast (rush), and targets you (you will see "Point" on your head), dodge when he is going to hit you.


- Hit him only when he is over the black holes on the ground.

- Focus on killing the witches first, this will make black holes appear more often.

- The players with AGRO from the boss and the witches should attract every enemy to the black holes, so the party damage is concentrated were the boss can be killed.


- The melee players should be hitting around him, with space between them, so the player targeted with his lightning can know when he should block the lightning (the melee players should maintain their positions so it can be clearer who is the target). Also, the one in the front must be careful with his sword swing as well.

- You must keep dealing damage to him all the time, from start to end, or he will regenerate his life.

- If you see a skull on your head, move away from your party members, so they don't get hit as well.

- The fire explosion should be blocked by the melee players, so they can stay close to him and quickly hit the boss again.

- The healer or the mage (depends on who needs it more) should pick his drop, because it gives EP.

- When he drops the energy ball, try to avoid it in a way you don't attract it to your party members, but keep in mind that you should be hitting him constantly.
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